Why Choose Us For Plaster

S & S Drywall, inc. is incorporated. As of 2008 all Illinois subcontractors must be incorporated to work for a builder or contractor.

We have insurance above and beyond Illinois requirements for work done in Illinois. Drywall and Plaster contractors must legally carry Workman’s Compensation Insurance on employees. We also carry General Liability on all our jobs and carry auto insurance on all vehicles.

We will do any type of plaster project that a homeowner needs us to do. From hanging, taping, texturing to painting, S & S Drywall is a one stop shop for all your plaster needs. Unless requested otherwise, we will provide all materials and labor from start to finish.

While plastering is different, the overall process is much the same as drywall. We have taken our time to make sure we have the right people physically doing the plastering and float work. The interview process took over four months to ensure we have the right people for the job. It’s exciting to have grown into one of the top producers of plaster work in the metro work while providing some of the best finish work available.

Very few plastering companies offer a full service job that includes hanging, scraping, installing floor coverings, plastering and cleaning up the job site once plastering is complete. We not only offer all of the above, but still have a few other tricks up our sleeve which include an in-house painting crew if a customer chooses to have the plaster painted. We are one of very few companies that are able to offer plaster ceilings and drywall walls if requested.

We can match almost any kind of texture. The most popular is our signature random sand swirl. Although we call our sand swirl texture random, we make an extraordinary effort to provide a directional swirl on the ceilings. This finish is second to none and is a far better finished product than what most if not all of the competition is offering.

We will cover all floors prior to plastering so that clean up after texturing or painting is a breeze. All windows, doors, tubs, and garage doors get covered with plastic prior to plastering. This ensures that your new home stays new.

You will have direct contact with the owner, Jacob Staggs throughout your entire plaster experience. From planning your project to the finished product he will be with you every step of the way. Jacob has been in the industry all of his working career and enjoys making sure the job gets completed to the highest standard of quality.