Why Choose Us For Drywall

S & S Drywall, inc. is incorporated. As of 2008 all Illinois subcontractors must be incorporated to work for a builder or contractor.

We have insurance above and beyond Illinois requirements for work done in Illinois. Drywall contractors must legally carry Workman’s Compensation Insurance on employees. We also carry General Liability on all our jobs and carry auto insurance on all vehicles.

We will do any type of drywall or plaster project that a homeowner needs us to do. From hanging, taping, texturing to painting, S & S Drywall is a one stop shop for all your drywall and plaster needs. Unless requested otherwise, we will provide all materials and labor from start to finish.

Because of a slow market, more people are remodeling their homes rather than building new ones and by popular demand we have started a remodeling division. We will now take on any drywall job, big or small, and we can do it affordably. Please give us a call for further details.

Some competitors will ask the contractor or homeowner to pay a down payment or buy the materials for them. Although we like to get paid when the job is completed, we do not ask for any money for materials or labor up front. Competitors that ask for a down payment or ask that you buy the materials for them typically have a business that is financially struggling. We never ask for money up front, but special circumstances may apply if a job is larger than normal.

Drywall is hung to code using 1-1/4 drywall screws. We always install either 5/8” board or 1/2″ Ultralight sheetrock on ceilings to provide the customer with a quality finished product. By using products on ceilings, the customer will not have to worry about the ceiling ‘sagging’ after a period of time.

We use “purple board” or XP drywall in bathrooms and kitchens around sinks on the walls around sinks and tubs. This drywall does not only include moisture resistance, but also includes mold resistance. Competitors that use the “green board” are providing a moisture resistance drywall only.

We have invested in our company through our tools. By using the newest technology and innovative tools we can ensure that your project will be done quickly without jeopardizing any of the quality. These mechanical tools are used for accuracy from how much mud in applied as well as making sure that corners are a perfect 90 degrees. Some tools we use today are Bazookas, Banjos, Flat boxes, Corner boxes, Angle heads, high-pressure texture machines, and up to date paint rigs.

Unless otherwise requested we only use the best corner bead available. The corner bead used is the Big Stick made by Strait Flex. This corner bead is applied by running the bead through a hopper and coating it with mud. The bead is then put in place and rolled tight to insure that no air pockets are behind the bead. Once the mud is dry the corner bead actually becomes part of the wall. Common metal corner bead has air pockets behind the product which causes cracks. Once dry this corner bead is the most durable off all that we have ever used.

Some competitors will use paper tape on all angles. We only use paper tape on 90 degree angles. On cathedral ceilings or 45 degree angles we always use a product called Strait Flex Original. This system is less likely to crack for those types of angles. Even though some framing is impossible to fix with drywall and flex tape, this product will be the strongest product available and ensure the straightest line possible.

We can match almost any kind of texture. The most popular is our signature orange peel. This texture is light enough that at a distance customers have said it appears to be smooth, but up close it has a pleasant consistent “orange peel look”.

The paint we have chosen to use in our homes is either a scrubable flat or for a minimal charge many customers chose us to use an eggshell paint on the walls. If you would like to use a different type of paint, just let us know and we will be happy to accommodate.

We will cover all floors prior to taping so that clean up after painting is a breeze. All windows, doors, tubs, and garage doors get covered with plastic prior to texturing or painting. This ensures that your new home stays new.

You will have direct contact with the owner, Jacob Staggs throughout your entire drywall experience. From planning your project to the finished product he will be with you every step of the way. Jacob has been finishing drywall all of his working career and enjoys making sure the job gets completed to the highest standard of quality.